Department of Urology renders high-quality examinational, diagnostic and therapeutic services for adult and pediatric urology. In general, the Department of Urology deals with examinations and therapies for kidneys, urinary tracts, bladder, functional problems, urine incontinence, prostate, penile and testicular dysfunctions, venereal diseases for men, infertility, sexual function and reproductive disorders, urological cancer cases, pediatric urology and gynecological urology. Aspiring to offer top-notch services for patients through both medical and surgical procedures by means of physicians keeping up with latest medical developments, the Department of Urology has performed the following operations thus far: 


- Endoscopic Prostate and Bladder Operations (TUR Method) 

- Pediatric Diagnosis for Undescended Testicle and Circumcision 

- Diagnosis and Treatment for Renal Calculus 

- Varicosele and Testicular Operations 

- Endoscopic Lithotripsy 

- Diagnosis and Treatment for Sexual Dysfunctions 

- Research and Treatment of Infertility for Men 

- Treatment of Urinary Incontinence for Women 

- Diagnosis and Treatment for Congenital or Acquired Urinary System Diseases 

- Treatment of Urinary Incontinence for Pediatric Patients 

- Circumcision 

- Hypospadias Operations (the urethra in the male where the urinary opening is not at the usual location on the head of the penis) 

- Urooncology (renal, bladder, prostate, penile and testicular cancer) 

- Laparoscopic (closed) urological surgeries