Child Diseases


The pediatric clinic of our hospitals provides ambulatory care and emergency services by means of specialists for 24 hours. The Department of Pediatrics is structured to provide diagnostic, therapeutic and protective healthcare services for kids and youngsters aged 0 to 18. Infants are properly followed up right after birth and treated if required as either outpatients or inpatients. In case of any medical emergency, our services in all departments are equipped with professionals and equipment to make sufficient interventions for kids. One of the department's primary goals is to make sure that people do not disregard the importance of breastfeeding for infant development. Therefore, our nurses and doctors exert efforts to make sure that all the infants are solely breastfed for the first 6 months while they are assisted by the department of gynecology and obstetrics. General medical examinations of infants are performed initially on week 1 at home if their parents wish, and then every 1 or 2 months for the year 1 and every 6 months or each year after the year 2. Such examinations are intended for physical, social and psychological development of infants while they are vaccinated in line with recommendations of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization. In case of any disease, they are treated in consideration of recommendations by our physicians with expertise.


- Solid Pediatric Follow-up

- Protective Pediatric Health Services

- Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Patients

- Evaluation of Development and Growth

- Evaluation and Follow-up of Social and Psychological Development along with Vaccination and Patient Follow-up

- Design and Follow-up of a Vaccine Program

- Childhood Scans

- Nutritional Training and Proper Dieting Tips

- Parenting Education

- Delivery under the guidance of a pediatrician

- Monitorization and follow-up & treatment of newborns

- Follow-up of Neonatal Jaundice, Phototherapy

- Intensive Care Services for Infants

- Breast-feeding consultancy and solutions for breast-feeding problems

- Training services on newborn care are rendered for patients through the state-of-the-art and unerring methods and modern technological tools and instruments certified by international medical authorities.