Medicine Hospital


Our hospital is a modern healthcare institution that adopts the satisfaction of patients and their relatives as a principle, and offers high-quality services thanks to a wide spectrum of academic professionals. Based on the aforementioned characteristics, we assume a mission to render services in line with international standards for each and every step of diagnosis and treatment.


As a sense of duty for this mission and ethical values, each member of our institution seizes on his/her professional know-how to deliver unerring diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.


We contribute to the progress of medicine by sharing our scientific knowledge on the occasion of national and international events, and lend assistance for training and researches. With social responsibility in mind, we inform people of medical developments, raise awareness about factors posing a threat to community health, and thus contribute to the formation of a well-functioning society.


All the healthcare services we provide are intended to be offered with eagerness and self-sacrifice by making no compromise on ethical principles of medicine, making use of cutting-edge technological capabilities for diagnosis and treatment, and upholding environmental awareness, compliance with patient rights, and attaching importance to occupational safety.