About us

Turkish Doctors is an international medical group that is committed to provide patients all around the world with the highest standards in the field of medical treatment in Turkey by combining the most effective methods of treatment and the lowest cost. TurkishDoctors is a modern health tourism assistance group with a professional, strong and experienced team.

There are more than 100 private hospitals under the roof of TurkishDoctors. This hospital network has been carefully selected by the TurkishDoctors' 10-year professional health care team.

TurkishDoctors chooses the doctor and the hospital where the patient can get the most suitable and best service by controlling the patient's entire medical process. It makes necessary pre-interviews with the doctor he has chosen as the most suitable one specifically for the patient’s medical situation. It guarantees the lowest price for the specific surgery and related treatment in Turkey. TurkishDoctors will get a lower price quote than the patient can get from the hospital. Patients will be able to get the same service at the same hospital but for a lower price under the assurance of TurkishDoctors.

Finding the Hospitals and Comparing Them

The possibility to be treated in carefully selected clinics which have won the most prestigious international accreditation and certificates in the medical field.

Find Out Medical Travel Packages

TurkishDoctors make medical travel easier with medical travel packages that meet all your needs. TurkishDoctors offers medical travel packages that offer treatment, accommodation, transportation and more all together.

Getting Support

Do you have any questions about a particular treatment or service? Get free assistance from the TurkishDoctors Support Team before and during your travel and in your native language!

Get Support for Your Vacation

Your TurkishDoctors assistant will arrange everything for you. You don't have to worry about your hotel booking, doctor appointment, how to get to your hotel, or how to reach the hospital.

Opportunity to Assess the Services You Received

We'd appreciate it if you made an assessment of your experience. You can help other patients make better decisions about health care.

Completely Free


All services offered by TurkishDoctors are completely free!